All your Google searches will now be used against you by the state to block your right to buy a gun

Be careful what you search for online. Big Tech, in lockstep with Big Brother, is reportedly plotting to use your internet browsing history against you in order to deprive you of your Second Amendment rights.

At the close of 2018, the state of New York – which recently legalized infanticide (baby murder), to thunderous applause – put forth a new gun control bill that, if passed, would require anyone who wants to purchase a gun to first hand over three years’ worth of social media history, as well as one year’s worth of internet search history.

Prior to be granted “permission” by New York’s government to buy firearms, New York residents would first need to hand all of this over – as well as all of their social media passwords to sites like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. New York also wants access to what New York residents are searching for on Google, Yahoo, and Bing before giving them “permits” to buy guns.

“A three-year review of a social media profile would give an easy profile of a person who is not suitable to hold and possess a firearm,” says Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, the guy making this Orwellian proposal with the support of New York State Senator Kevin Parker, a Democrat.

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Wake up, patriots! The Democrats will NOT stop until they’ve taken away your guns

Existing gun owners would also be affected by the proposed legislation, as anyone trying to renew his permit for a pistol would also face this same invasion of his online privacy by Big Brother – all in the name of the “but what about the children!” agenda being pushed by Leftist gun-grabbers like David Hogg and his troupe of “March For Our Lives” enemies of the Republic.

And while some would dismiss this threat against Americans’ God-given right to self-defense as highly unlikely to ever pass, think again. As Congress inches further and further to the Left all across the country, with socialism now front-and-center in the mainstream public debate, don’t think that gun-grabbing legislation such as this is too far-fetched to ever gain traction.

Not only does it threaten the state of New York, a far-Left enclave of police state tyranny, but it also threatens your own home state – that is, unless you fight it to the death, if necessary.

“It’s easy to scoff and say, ‘Those crazy people in New York are getting what they voted for.’ I know someone’s going to say it so there, I said it for you,” writes Daisy Luther for The Organic Prepper.

“But that’s short-sighted, and dare I say, ignorant of the way the world works … Look at all the states that have recently flipped from red to blue in the midterm elections. If you don’t think it could ever happen where you are, you’re not paying attention.”

In Illinois, for instance, residents who want to continue “legally” owning their firearms are now required to have a “special card” verifying that they’re “eligible,” in the eyes of the government, to own and possess firearms.

“Meanwhile, in the Illinois House, state Rep. Daniel Didech, D-Buffalo Grove, has filed HB 888 which would require those who apply for a state-issued Firearm Owners Identification Card – mandatory for legal gun owners – turn over a list of their social media accounts to authorities under threat of a Class 2 felony,” The Organic Prepper adds.

“The State Police would use the information to determine if the accounts have any ‘information that would disqualify the person from obtaining or require revocation’ of a FOID card.”

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