Google may face racketeering lawsuits for colluding with left-wing hate group SPLC that targets Christians

As part of its endless quest for world domination and total control over all information, Google is reportedly now partnering with the extremist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) hate group – a move that legal experts say is likely to trigger an onslaught of lawsuits against the multinational corporation for collusion and racketeering., the supposed “philanthropic” arm of Google Inc., recently launched an internal program where employees can be paid by the corporation to do pro bono work for non-profit groups for up to six months. And one of its stated “inclusion” partners is the SPLC, which is notorious for smearing conservative and right-leaning groups as “hate groups.”

Since the vast majority of these groups aren’t actually hate groups, the SPLC is guilty of defamation, slander, and other crimes that, by partnering with Google, puts both groups at risk of lawsuits. Not only that, but Google also appears to be colluding with the SPLC to strengthen the Leftist agenda, rendering both entities as political activist groups.

“It does appear that there’s more than funding that is taking place between Google and the SPLC and other tech companies, to the point where there’s interaction, potentially plotting, and the involvement of their so-called ‘hate group’ label that is designed for one reason – to destroy the opposition based on ideology,” says Mat Staver, founder and chairman of the Christian non-profit group Liberty Counsel.

“It’s plausible,” adds Staver, that Google may face both RICO and defamation charges in future lawsuits.

It is time for Big Tech to be broken up and splintered into a million pieces for the betterment of society

The SPLC is already facing a litany of lawsuits all on its own, including from Liberty Counsel, which in 2017 targeted a website known as GuideStar that uses the SPLC’s false and defamatory “hate group” labels within its content.

D. James Kennedy Ministries has also sued the SPLC for defamation, as has Maajid Nawaz, a Muslim reformer who contends that the SPLC’s branding of him as an “anti-Islamic extremist” is false.

It’s a problem that plagues social media and the internet in general, as tech giants increasingly adopt hate rhetoric that defames and slanders groups and people that stand in opposition to the Leftist, globalist agenda. And when tech companies collude with so-called “non-profits” like the SPLC, they’re further guilty of conspiracy under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

“RICO itself is not a violation of the law,” says Staver. “It applies on top of and in addition to an underlying violation.”

The solution, of course, is for tech companies to be broken up for their monopolistic tactics that aim to influence and control all information online. Corporations like Facebook, Google, and of course Twitter, all need a good cleansing for conspiring against freedom of speech, as well as for fostering fascist environments online that are hostile to, and in violation of, the First Amendment.

“Social media companies should be seized in civil forfeiture for the billions of federal crimes committed on their platforms,” writes one PJ Media commenter, echoing the sentiments of Pete Santilli who, as we earlier reported, went public with the fact that tech companies like Facebook and Google are violating the law by acting as both content moderators and content providers.

“Nor do they have any common carrier immunity because they actively moderate content. Then auction the assets as one might the Ferrari of a drug dealer.”

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