The entire purpose of tech censorship is to allow fake news media to push totally fabricated hoax stories without being exposed for their lies

The Covington Catholic hoax propagated by the fake news media has underscored just how far the radical left-wing will go to advance their anti-conservative, anti-American agenda. This scandal shows that the media will lie and endanger the lives of innocent teenagers, just to score a few more political brownie points. But this shocking fake news didn’t spread like wildfire on its own — we have social media to thank for that. Big Tech has already proven that it will censor conservatives without provocation, for the simple crime of expressing their views in a liberal-dominated space.

Now, we are seeing the ramifications of this blatant censorship: Fake news spreads without opposition — and it spreads fast. While tech companies like to pretend they are impartial observers to the happenings within their platforms, the truth is that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and even Google select what each and every user sees in their newsfeed, search results or what have you.

The greatest hoax of all may just be Big Tech’s duping of most of the country into believing they support and encourage an open internet and the free exchange of ideas.

Propaganda on social media

As the Covington Catholic scandal has displayed, propaganda can, and will, be spread across social media like a contagious disease. Grown adults were taking to Twitter, calling for the teenagers to be doxxed, publicly shamed, or worse — and many of the pseudo-aggrieved were celebrities with large followings.

There are many ways you can go about spreading fake news on social media, and getting people and organizations with lots of followers to share your content is one such way. As a post garners more likes, shares and comments, it becomes more visible in the social media sphere — and as visibility increases, so do the number of likes and shares. In this way, social media is the perfect tool for spreading propaganda: Show people something that aligns with their beliefs while also provoking them into outrage, and it will be shared — regardless of its factual content.

Even after an outrageous image is debunked as false, a la Covington Catholic, the damage has already been done — and most people will never actually¬†see the correction, anyways.

Posts correcting and calling out fake news never seem to gain as much traction as the hoax — and there is strong reason to suspect this is by design.

Censorship and disinformation go hand-in-hand

Tech companies like Facebook and Google say that they are not suppressing or censoring anyone. Proponents of Big Tech’s censorship say that they are merely “filtering social media” for “hateful” content, and that this makes their actions implicitly just.

This is an egregious affront to individual freedom. No longer are we deciding for ourselves what is worth reading and what isn’t; with the dawn of social media, corporate influence now reigns.

Former Facebook employees have outright admitted that they routinely suppressed conservative points of view. Google has also been accused of using its power to censor the internet via search results.

This censorship applies to anyone who dares to challenge left-wing dogma. Whether you support the Second Amendment, are pro-life, criticize vaccines or GMOs, you are at risk of being censored by the tech mafia.¬† So-called “community guidelines” are being used to silence dissenting opinions by labeling them as “fake news,” “hate speech” or whatever the social crime du jour happens to be.

When this blatant censorship is combined with fake news, the propaganda machine can function at full capacity. Not only can Big Tech censor anyone and anything, the mainstream media can publish and propagate their lies completely unopposed.

This is a march towards totalitarianism — and we are headed there very quickly. Big Tech is acting as an arm of the corrupt, regressive Left, and they are actively trying to control the beliefs, thoughts and actions of the American population through the spread of propaganda and the silencing of their opposition.

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