Super popular “Think About It” video channel announces move to as YouTube accelerates censorship and demonetization of truthful speech

An incredibly popular video channel called “Think About It,” which features intriguing, informative analysis on a wide variety of important topics, has announced it is moving a significant portion of its videos to the platform.

In a video entitled, “Societal Breakdown Is Happening At The Rate Of Speed,” the creator of the Think About It channel explains, “For all of my YouTube subscribers, I have a big announcement. Because of YouTube’s policy to silence free speech and the truth, I’ve decided to… put all of the [censored] videos on Brighteon. Please go to my Brighteon channel… and I promise you every video that I do will be there for you to watch.”

So far, Think About It has uploaded 99 videos. See them all at:

His latest video:

Here are more details about you can help support Think About It:

Websites: AND

Brighteon Video Channel:



We created Brighteon to give a voice to people just like Steve…

Steve’s move of his Think About It channel to Brighteon underscores exactly why we created Brighteon in the first place. With the insane level of censorship now in place across all the tech giants like Facebook, YouTube, Google and even Apple, creators of valuable content need an online destination where they can exercise free speech without being molested by the tech companies.

We launched Brighteon last July, and we have big news for this year: Brighteon is about to get even better. Coming this year, we have significant advances that content creators will greatly appreciate:

  • We are not yet at a break even point financially, but we are implementing huge changes to our storage and transcoding infrastructure that will drastically reduce our costs by this April, allowing us to achieve break-even sustainability.
  • Once our new infrastructure goes into place, we will be increasing the video bitrates on all posted videos, improving video quality (pixel sizes and bitrates).
  • Finally, with this new advance, we will be able to once again host gaming videos which have so far been “uninvited” on our platform due to significant transcoding and storage costs. In addition, we will be loosening the international speech restrictions currently in place due to a variety of legal reasons stemming from current infrastructure providers.

Brighteon is already emerging as one of the most important online destinations for free speech on topics ranging from politics to health freedom. Join now at this sign-up link.

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